Health Master Thermal Massage Bed- GS8000



  The heat transfer to the body generally takes place through the conduction, the convection or through the infrared rays. The infrared rays transfers the direct or the momentous infrared energy without any transfer medium and enter deep into the body and heats itself inside. In the mean time it activates the living organisms.

 Additionally, since the oscillation frequency of the infrared rays are the same as that of the human body molecules, they bring about a resonance phenomenon  inside of the body they have entered and activate the vibrations. 

  Following this, part of the rays turn into the heat immediately and serve as the active energy.




  In a similar case, the infrared rays gives out heat to the body, it enters deep into the skin, it activates the working of the internal organs and speeds up the metabolism. For this medical characteristics reason, these rays are called ‚  ’’ living rays’’.   

  Eastern style medical treatment with the application of spot and channel based acupuncture. These are unique treatment ceramics, which are developed for the application of the acupuncture treatment. It allows for the sun rays and the heat pass through the body and heat up the body. They can be used without the help of then professional person and it is easy to use. 

  The Characteristics of the Heating Equipment

  The product has been designed to be suitable for the engineering of the human being body. It is possible to control this product remotely or as automatic or as manually. It provides an ideal acupress effect with the additional vibration function in a way to be suitable for the weight of the user and it has suitable calibration and heating effects for the user. Moreover, the product shows ist treatment effects with the living rays, which it obtains from the light. The moxibustion and the acupress effects have been increased for the powerful spread characteristic of the infrared rays by using high purity alumina. 



   Moxibution Effect

  Moxibution is an operation, which is related to the burning of the medical mugworth cone in the acupuncture points of the body, in order to excite and to treat. 

   On the other hand, this infrared moxibution operation, which is carried out with the help of the helium light,allows the infrared heat to pass through the skin and go down to the depth of 40 – 100 mm inside of the skin. In this way, while the back pain, neurology, muscle aches and the similar aches are being treated on the one hand, on the other hand, the blood flow increases, the blood circulation speeds up, the cells are renewed and the metabolism is activated. 


  Acupressor Effect 

  The product pressurizes the bladder acupuncture channels, which are situated on both sides of the spine. In this way it brings in a piezo electrical effect on the cords that surround the spine, which are hardened in relation to the tiredness and creates an potantial for the effect, it supports the metabolistic activities of the cells, which are situated both internally and externally and improves and treats the spine, which has been moved from its position,in short time.


  Calibration Effect 

  The calibration effect or this equipment on the spine is prefect. At the same form, the heat of the infrared ray is effective on the cords, which surround the spine and the skeleton. It fuses the damaged skeleton tissues and increases the blood circulation. As a result of this, the calibration on the spine and the breeding of cells take place. 


  Heat Function Characteristic

  The Health Master automatic combination stimulant, heating medical equipment are equipments that shorten the treatment period. The treatment points have been designed to be suitable for the human body engineering. The germanium and the infrared rays, which are used to enliven the human body, situmulates the bio tissues with their heat function characteristic and eliminates the muscle twists and reduces the pain as an effective pain killer.


  Low Frequency 

  This physical equipment is similar to the human being’s neurotic electrical current with the help of the discovery of the modern day electronicala equipments, where it has characteristics as creating of the superior and refined electronical rhythms and convey them to the acupuncture points and channels, to ease the activities in relation to the nerve system and the activities of the blood veins, to help the blood circulation and to support the working of the metabolism. It makes all of the body functions adjusted and it helps to continue the balance between the bio tissues.  The equipment even prevents and treats some of the illnesses, which are seen on the older people as the non availability of the harmony for the nerve system and the blood circulation that are seen due to the lack of exercise. This healty equipment is a requirement for the people of today.


  What is Alumina? 

  The Alümina (%99.9) has very high fusion point as the value of 2050 E and can enter into the human being body few times deeply at the normal temperature and it acts as very good thermal conductor. The Alumina is used for the production of the perfectly insulated cables, it is rather strong and it has various forms and functions. It represents the perfection of the ceramic arts.


  Photography  " Infrared Ray Comparasion"

  If you have had an traffic accident or if you have had an exercise accident or if you have bad positioning of yourself or if you have had slipped or fallen down or if you are under physical or mental stress, if you have been effected by the environmental pollution or if you have been poisoned by the medicines or you have misused themedicines, then your spine can displace itself and puts pressure on the nerve system ( the life line), which pass through the spine. This can cause very serious illnesses. The emitter relieves the pressure on the spinal nerve system and situmulates the related areas and the organs ( internal organs and the intestines) to make them work in the regular order again. In this way, it tries to improve the balance of the body,  the mental and the physical capability of the body, which have been lost.  
  The Health Master automatic spine heater relieves the pressure on the nerve system that have been under strain in an effective way, removes the pain and eases the blood circulation.



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